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斯科特今早离开(Scotty checked out this morning)

和他平时一样(in his customary way)

手上拿着一杯好喝的麦芽威士忌(with a glass of good malt whisky in his hand)

至少,他们是这么说的(at least that's what they say)

他没有留下太多的债(he didn't leave much owing)

他最后都还清了(when he finally paid the bill)

也许他不会得太多赞美(maybe he should've settled a few good scores)

但我在想(but now i guess)

他永远不会得到吧(he never will)

我记得那时候他跟我说(i remember the time he told me)

我们都出生在金色的星球下(we were born under a golden star)

也许我们永远也找不到它(and maybe sometimes we couldn't find it)

人生的旅程似乎很远(and the journey seemed too far)

但这只是一个问题(but it was just a matter of hanging in)

我们到达终点的时候都会解决的一个问题(and we'd get there in the end)

好像你已经找到答案了(well it seems you're going to find it)

我疯狂的又善良的朋友(my crazy beautiful friend)

斯科特先生离开了这栋楼(Mr.scott has left the building)

带着他那个大的12弦的乐器(the big old 12 strings is packed away)

演出结束,斯科特上路了(the gig is finally over and Scotty's on his way)

但是我还会唱起那首歌(but there's a song i still keep singing)

我永远不会忘记那旋律(and i'll never lose the tune)

因为斯科特就在那里(cause Scotty's out there somewhere)

他就坐在月亮上咆哮(and he's howling at the moon)

他就坐在月亮上咆哮he's howling at the moon)

我能听见他,他正坐在月亮上咆哮(i can hear him, he's howling at the moon)

斯科特就在那里(Scotty's out there somewhere)

他就坐在月亮上咆哮(and he's howling at the moon)

 宅急送的歌《Scotty》 手万传博客